Portable fiberglass bathroom ready for sale and installation - Al-Ahram Fiberglass Company offers mobile bathrooms of various shapes and sizes, fully fiberglass room + aluminum door, equipped with a municipal / syrian base to suit all age stages + maintenance + upper water tank + external water drainage tank, ready-made Turkish baths, caravan bathrooms Mobile prices of mobile bathrooms in Egypt, bathrooms for land for sale, mobile toilets for sale, mobile bathrooms for trips.

  • Full equipment, including electricity and telephone entrances and exits, according to the customer's request
  • It is insulated with soft foam on both sides to insulate heat
  • Its original color is the color of Jelly Coat that does not need paints
  • high stability
  • Absorbs vibrations and magnetic resonance
  • Multi-purpose (security rooms or toilets)
  • Against lightning strikes
  • High dynamic potential
  • Fixed and multiple colors as we have more than 500 colors according to the request of the customers
  • No paint maintenance required
  • Smooth surface, smooth inside and out, including smooth on the outside, good finish on the inside

  • We are distinguished by Al-Ahram for fiberglass that we have a team of engineers and technicians who design all the new shapes and ideas that the client desires
  • We, Al-Ahram for fiberglass, are distinguished by our experience and leadership in the field of fiberglass
  • We, Al-Ahram for fiberglass, are distinguished by the presence of periodic maintenance workshops and after-sales follow-up
  • 25 years of leadership and experience in the field of fiberglass

Now the best portable fiberglass bathrooms in Egypt, portable fiberglass bathrooms factory, Al-Ahram for fiberglass 42163568 - 01222284220 - 01224415578 of the strongest and best mobile bathrooms of the finest types of fiberglass for mobile bathrooms, which is polyester armed with steel threads inside mobile bathrooms and is considered an inert material resistant to heat transfer so that It resists weather factors such as the sun throughout the day, humidity and rain, as well as rust and bacteria.

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