Al-Ahram Fiberglass Factory and Company offers to the owners of schools, nurseries, clubs, and tourist readers a large variety of fiberglass children's games. Fiberglass toys at the highest level of accuracy and safety, with high quality, cheerful and attractive colors. Fiberglass children's games suitable for all ages, including - nursery processing games - Children's games for nurseries and schools - games for nurseries and schools - fiberglass games - game supplies for nurseries and schools - games for preparing nurseries and schools
Children's games for nurseries and schools - games for clubs - children's slides for sale - children's swings Fiberglass games for nurseries and schools Wooden children's games for nurseries, schools and clubs - wooden games for nurseries - wooden games for clubs - wooden game complexes
Children’s kinetic activities through the use of outdoor games aim at acquiring children’s skills of exploration, mental development, and learning colors and movement. advanced and civilized.

  • Fiberglass tables and chairs
  • Fiberglass children's complexes
  • Children's games for nurseries and schools
  • Children's games for clubs, schools and nurseries
  • Fiberglass games for schools and nurseries suitable for all ages, including fiberglass slides for schools and nurseries
  • Fiberglass slides for children, suitable for all ages, smart for fiberglass
  • Fiberglass slide 1,5m x 1m.
  • Fiberglass slide 2,25 x 1,10 cm
  • Medium fiberglass slide 2,5m x 130cm
  • Fiberglass slide 3m x 1,5cm
  • Fiberglass slide 4m x 2m
  • Spiral slide 3 stage, 6 stage and 4 stage
  • There are all colors, cheerful colors for children, children's swings, fiberglass and iron, for nurseries and schools, swings for all ages.
  • Marjeha 2 sofas, 4 fiberglass sofas, 4 children and 8 children
  • Swing, 3 iron sofa, 4 children and 8 children
  • Swing 2 horse fiberglass Swing 2 elephant fiberglass
  • Swing 2 chairs fiberglass
  • Fiberglass rollers of different sizes
  • 4 swivel fiberglass chairs
  • 6 swivel chairs fiberglass mat
  • 8 swivel chairs fiberglass mat
  • 13 swivel chair mat fiberglass
  • Rotary 4 and 6 in the form of fiberglass
  • Smart fiberglass kids toys set for fiberglass
  • Bouncy trampolines of different sizes

Now the best fiberglass games in Egypt, Fiberglass Games Factory Al-Ahram for Fiberglass 42163568 - 01222284220 - 01224415578 One of the strongest and best games of the finest types of fiberglass dedicated to fiberglass games, which is polyester armed with steel threads inside the games and is an inert material resistant to heat transfer so that it resists fiberglass games Weather factors such as the sun all day, humidity and rain, as well as fiberglass toys are resistant to rust and bacteria.

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