The construction of a fiberglass swimming pool is one of the best options for a swimming pool in your yard or inside, as it is designed and completed in no more than three weeks, which is the most distinguishing thing from other types of swimming pools, although it requires some steps Which takes place in the construction of concrete swimming pools, so let us know the prices of fiberglass swimming pools in Egypt.

  • The company carries out excavations on the site according to the agreed dimensions
  • A concrete pour is being made for the floor and walls, with a thickness of 25 cm
  • Conch is being made for the floor and walls

  • Making layers of insulating materials such as sica and eddy bond for oyster floors and walls
  • Several layers of fiberglass reinforced with fiberglass and polyester are made
  • The fiber is painted with a natural jelly coat that is resistant to weather factors (rain, heat, humidity)
  • Then a layer of epoxy for swimming pools is made (regular / 3D according to the customer's request)
  • Multiple colors upon request

  • A number of water motors are installed, in addition to sand filters, as well as skimmer units and pumps (determined according to the bathroom sizes)
  • Motors - pumps - filters American Hayward brand, USA
  • Lighting headlights are installed inside the water 12 volts American Hayward brand (determined according to the size of the bathroom)
  • The automatic control panel, electrical cable network, distribution and protection panels are installed

  • The bathroom can be placed on the roofs of houses or in the garden in any place for villas, palaces and tourist villages


  • Installation and transportation speed:
  • It is characterized by the speed of installation in a time not exceeding 48 hours. It is also characterized by the ease of moving it from one place to another.


  • Sure Warranty:
  • The swimming pool is one piece without welds, safe and healthy because it has no corners or small spaces in which algae and insects live.


  • Safe and healthy:
  • It bears high pressures, so it is the most suitable because it combines the intensity of durability, flexibility and beauty
  • Complete safety for family members, as it does not have sharp corners that cause injury, as it is smooth and soft.

Now the best fiberglass swimming pools in Egypt, fiberglass swimming pools factory, Al-Ahram for fiberglass 42163568 - 01222284220 - 01224415578 One of the strongest swimming pools and the best safe swimming pools of the finest types of fiberglass for swimming pools, which is polyester armed with steel threads inside swimming pools and is considered an inert material resistant For heat transfer so that fiberglass swimming pools resist atmospheric factors such as the sun throughout the day, humidity and rain, as well as fiberglass swimming pools resistant to rust and bacteria.

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