Al-Ahram Fiberglass Company, the first company in Egypt and the Middle East, offers car cabins for all fiberglass works and private businesses. It manufactures various car cabins (single fiberglass cabins - double fiberglass cabins - different types of cars) with high quality and prices that do not compare to fiberglass car cabins, cabins Fiberglass cabins, single car cabins, fiberglass cabins, double car cabins, fiberglass cabins, fiberglass jeeps cabins, fiberglass lab cabins, all types of fiberglass cabins, fiberglass cabins for all types of cars.

  • Fixed and multiple colors as we have more than 500 colors according to the request of the customers
  • The original balloon zig-zag fiber board is not sprayed, and therefore its color does not change over time
  • Absorbs vibrations and magnetic resonance
  • Against electric lightning
  • No paint maintenance required
  • high stability
  • Glaze
  • High dynamic potential

Now the best fiberglass car cabins in Egypt. Fiberglass car cabins factory Al-Ahram for fiberglass 42163568 - 01222284220 - 01224415578 is one of the strongest and best car cabins of the finest types of fiberglass dedicated to car cabins, which is polyester armed with steel threads inside car cabins and is an inert material that is resistant to heat transfer so that Fiberglass cabins resist weather conditions such as the sun throughout the day, humidity and rain, as well as fiberglass car cabins are resistant to rust and bacteria.

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