El Ahram For FiberGLass

Established in 1996 as a factory converting fiber glass to fiber glass products, which doubled our production capacity and secured a large part of our needs for raw materials to manufacture high quality products

Why To Chose Us ?

The ability to create high qualified products with best designs, in short time and lowest costs ..

Professional Team

Our team is working on designing fiberglass structures using modern technology to provide the latest designs

Quality assurance

Using raw materials of very high quality to reach the highest quality products

Lower prices

El Ahram Fiberglass provide high quality products and reasonable prices to satisfy all customers

customer service

Providing full customer service in technical support, production and quality control

Aqua Park


Moving Toilets

Water Games

Guard Stalls & Moving Rooms

Car Cabin

Special Orders

What are you waiting for ?!!

Do the best to make next project is the best ..

Working Steps

in our company we working as one team with strategy


first step is to plan and follow our strategies

Designing & Developing

The second step is to stand on the best designs for our customers anddo the best to develop these designs

Test & Deliver

The final step is to test and ensure efficiency, then deliver products to our customers

"EL-Ahram, is one of the best fiberglass companies in Egypt and the middle east.."

Maged el-Fattem

purchase manager
"glad to deal with such a profissional company .."

Mohamed EL masry

Head manager

Ahmed El-masry

Front office manager
"honestly , El Ahram is providing alot of features and facilities for its customers.."
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